1. This Panoramic View Of Tokyo Is The Second-Largest Photo Ever

    The founder of 360Cities, Jeffrey Martin, created a 150-gigapixel panorama of Tokyo. “Martin collated the 8,000 individual shots he captured in Tokyo on his supercomputer, a Fujitsu Celsius R920 workstation with 192GB of RAM. (By comparison, your laptop is probably pushing 16GB.) Even so, the computer needed some 12 weeks to process the entire panorama.”

  2. Its really easy to get discouraged by technology. We have been promised soo many things by now: light-sabers, hover boards, and Holographic Gandhi. But please, let this come true by next month. One step at a time is what scientists tell us.

  3. Everybody loves video game arcades. Right? Here is a film documentary directed by Jeff Von Ward about the rise an the fall of arcades. As a 90s kids I had the pleasure of going to places like nickel city (maybe thats a California thing), and going (allowance) broke on games like time crisis or Capcom Vs. Marvel. I would of loved to have experienced the initial start when the arcade business was somewhat booming. Years when high socks and rubik cubing was the youthful standard.

    The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time, a feature-length documentary about arcade game collectors from The Space Invaders on Vimeo.

    Anyway check this out, and for old time sake support your local arcades? Or now days, you can rent out arcades. There is a company in San Francisco that rents out your desired arcade games with per month rate! Interesting concept. All you can Arcade is currently offering its services only in California.

    All You Can Arcade

  4. Pioneer is no foreigner when it comes to audio industry. Recently, the new S-DJ X series came out this month. Its another active speaker with 5, 6, and 7 inch subs built in and it looks  promising if you are a producer, dj, or just a music junkie. If you are looking for that quality 3D sound, then this might be your loyal companion.


  5. Hyperloop Transportation

    We must be dreaming if there ever be a bullet train from L.A to S.F in 30 minutes. But here it is, Tesla Motor’s 6 billion dollar project, the Hyperloop Transportation. Suppository it will be done in 2029. Well, if any company could do it, then I guess Tesla would be a appropriate candidate.



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